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FAQ by foster parents in the summer time

Summer is here, and with it comes a whole list of fun activities. We know that the rules of foster care can be confusing, and sometimes it takes some digging to find out exactly what they mean.

(By the way: if you decide to work with Skookum Kids to get licensed, we’ll do the digging for you on these and many other questions.)

Here are a few frequently-asked questions that come up in the summer months. Basically everything boils down to life jackets and good supervision.

Can my foster child go to camp?

Absolutely.  In some cases the state will even cover the cost of camp as childcare, they just have to be state-licensed facilities. Ray of Hope in Bellingham is a good example.

Can I take my foster children swimming?

Yep. There are a few parameters you’ll want to be aware of before you hit the beach.

  1. If there’s no lifeguard on duty where you’re planning to swim, any kid under 13 needs to be wearing a life jacket.

  2. All kids under 12 need to be supervised by an adult with a current CPR certification. That’s you! You have to have that to be a foster parent anyways. If there’s a summer nanny, better get him/her certified too.

  3. Kids under 5 years old need to be within arms length of the supervising adult. So pull out that swimsuit!

Can foster children ride on boats?

Sure thing. Foster kids can ride on boats, go tubing, jump on the water trampoline, and go down the waterslide. They just need to be wearing life jackets while playing on water toys.