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First day of school

for many children the first day of school is the first time in several months that they have encountered a safe/health adult. They’ve been avoiding danger and scrounging for food since school let out in the spring and now they return to a stable routine. And for many kids, an adult will notice the condition of their clothes, the bruises on their arms, and the fear in their eyes. That adult will make a very brave phone call to report what they suspect has been happening to that child all summer long.

That phone call will result in an investigation, and the investigation will bring that child to our doorstep at Skookum House. In the first weeks of school, the rate of children per week at Skookum House climbs from its average of four to just over six as we see lots of kids pass through on their way to safer, more stable homes in foster care. And we need to be ready.

Each of these children will need a safe place to spend five nights. They will need new clothes. They will need medical care. And most importantly, they will need the undivided attention of a safe/healthy adult who can hold them while they cry and play with them when they are ready.

When those calls come fast and urgent, we need to be prepared. Will you help? Just $100 provides a safe night for a child at Skookum House. Little boys (and girls) like this one are counting on us to be ready, will you help?

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