Skookum Kids

A class for new foster parents

Caregiver Core Training

Want to be a foster parent? This class is your first step.

We are proud to host another Caregiver Core Training (CCT). This 8 session course which is a requirement for families pursuing foster parent licensure. The CCT course will be held at the Skookum Kids Office. The course runs every night from 6-9 pm beginning October 7-10. There will be a week-long break before the course picks up again from October 21-24. Dinner is provided for the first and last sessions.

The sessions are designed to help you understand:

  • How the system works

  • What your role is as a member of the team

  • How to effectively work with birth families in order to best support the child

  • How caregiving may impact your own family

  • Child development and the impact of trauma

  • All about attachment

  • How to incorporate and honor a child's culture into your own family

The sessions include the voices of former foster youth, current caregivers and birth parents who have been involved with the system.

  1. Introduction to the Child Welfare System

  2. Working as Member of the Team

  3. Working with Birth Families

  4. Cultural Connections and Advocacy

  5. Growing up with Trauma, Grief, and Loss

  6. Understanding and Managing Behaviors

  7. Communication and Crisis Management

  8. Getting Ready and the Effects on the Caregiving Family

Attendance at all 8 sessions is required for at least 1 of the parents in a prospective foster family (we recommend you both attend). This course is interchangeable with the one taught across the state by the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence, so if you miss a session, you can make it up in an Alliance course.

Still not sure? Attend an interest meeting to learn more about foster care and why it's worthwhile. Visit our event page here


October 7-10 and October 21-24

6-9 pm

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