Foster Care

The most rewarding hard thing you'll ever do 

Foster parents are just people who give themselves to a child in need. They make room in their heart and in their home for a child who has no other place to call home. And in exchange they get a front row seat to watch a child heal and find hope once again. It's an incredible journey. Let's walk it together.


Tell me more.

Don't know much about foster care? You're not alone. Attend one of our Foster Care Interest Meetings to get the rundown on the foster care system in Washington state. 

If these aren't our kids, who's kids are they?

To become a Skookum-licensed foster parent is to join a lean-mean trauma-informed team of parents, social workers, and therapists who are changing the world one kid at a time.

There are many ways to help.

Not quite ready to be a foster parent? No sweat. There are lots of ways to roll up your sleeves and participate at Skookum Kids.