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We Are Skookum Scavenger Hunt

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We’re glad to have you

Register by Friday, March 27, 2019, at 5p.

Skookum Kids is partnering with the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Bellingham Partnership to host its first Scavenger Hunt. The goal? To celebrate the businesses that make Skookum’s work possible. Here’s how it will work:

On Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28, 2019, from 10a to 2p approximately 300 individuals of every age, adorned in red capes, will participate in a scavenger hunt in downtown Bellingham and Squalicum Harbor. Participants will visit various Bellingham landmarks, and if you decide to participate, your place of business collecting stamps after completing activities you specify. Participants will have the option to play one or both days and will be awarded prizes based on the number of stamps collected and the time in which they collected them.

For businesses that have partnered with Skookum before, it’s free to be listed on the scavenger hunt. If you haven’t yet, we’d still love to include you. We just ask for an in-kind donation valued at $100 or more. The donations will be used as prizes for event participants.

If you can’t be open both days, no worries. Just tell us which of the days you can be.

Once you register, we’ll market your business in our event promotion and provide a poster to hang in your window so people know where to go. That’s it. Questions? Contact Laura Ann Poehner at or by phone at 509.969.9647.

So what do you say, you in?