Skookum Parents

Foster parenting is harder than it needs to be. We can fix that.

A brief introduction

Skookum Parents is a Child Placing Agency contracted with the state of Washington to provide home study services, foster care placement and case management for dependent foster children in the state of Washington. Put simply, from the day families attend one of our foster care interest meetings to the day the the first foster child arrives on their doorstep and every day after, we act as the point-of-contact and ongoing support for foster parents. Skookum Parents is led by a staff of three heroes including DSHS veteran and program manager Ryan Burke. Their goal: to make foster care more user-friendly.

We recognize a significant need for foster parents

In Washington state, there are well over 8,800 foster children in Washington state. For those 8,800, state officials have ruled it is no longer safe for them to remain with their birth families. While these kids have endured unimaginable circumstances, their situation is far from hopeless. We believe safe and loving adults can protect their innocence and preserve their childhood. 

We take care of you so you can take care of them

The passion and heartbeat of the Skookum Parents program is to provide hospitality and exceptional service to foster parents who are on the front lines of providing stability, support, and love to our most vulnerable children. By giving foster parents the support and care they need and deserve, they can maintain their own health and well-being which in turn allows them to provide excellent care to the children placed with them. Skookum prides itself on being a "Parent first, kid second" organization because healthy children grow from healthy parents.

Our services include:

  • A case manager assigned specifically to your family who provides consistent and as-needed communication via email, phone and text.
  • Regular respite care
  • Parent-child visit supervision
  • Foster Family Night Out