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Autism in Foster Care (1 of 2)

  • Perch & Play 1707 N State St Bellingham WA 98225 United States (map)

Benjamin Bacon is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) at Hogan Learning Academy, where he helps children and adults on the Autism Spectrum to develop new skills that improve their quality of life and reduce behaviors that prevent independent functioning.

Benjamin has worked with schools, parents, community programs and churches to develop individual support plans that empower teams. Plans are designed to not merely support but help develop children and adults so that they are able to participate in greater and meaningful ways.

We’ll spend 3 hours together and Ben will teach in three specific areas:

  1. Intro to Autism - an overview of the history and critical features of the diagnosis. Specifically, we would also talk about the symptoms since research has suggested that some children in foster care go longer without a diagnosis.

  2. Basic Principles of Learning - This session is about the science of human behavior and how we can use principles of learning to affect behavior. Lots of practical application in the next sessions starts here.

  3. Communicating with Non-vocal Children - Some children on the spectrum come as non-vocal communicators (they either do not speak at all OR they have an alternative method of communicating). This session is an introduction to what we call Functional Communication Training and answers the question, "How do we communicate if the child cannot?".

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Autism in Foster Care 2 of 2)