Skookum Kids

Repairing the foster care system.

We face a modern orphan crisis.

Pressed for time, social workers rush to pair traumatized children with over-taxed foster families. The huge burden of foster care is shouldered by a small group of heroic families. It often becomes too heavy, and children are displaced again. The average foster child is moved 3 times. This culture of shortage and instability has a devastating effect. Foster children are two times more likely to suffer from PTSD than veterans returning from a warzone.

With over 400,000 children now in foster care in the United States, the time has come for a thoughtful, sustainable solution to this complex problem.

This is Skookum Kids.

Phase 1: Skookum House

We created a volunteer-staffed facility to care for children entering or transitioning into foster care. With the children safe in our care during their first week of foster care, we buy critical time for caseworkers to find the right long-term placement. Our hope is that no child from our community would ever be placed in haste. This is Skookum House.

Phase 2: Skookum Parents

We recruit, train, and conduct home-studies for families hoping to become foster parents. We are working to license 200 new foster parents by 2020. Our hope is to create a slight surplus of foster parents and respite care providers. This is Skookum Parents.

Phase 3: Skookum's Supporting Programs

We run a suite of programs to provide foster parents the tools and resources they need to provide healthy homes for kids. In 2017, we bought Perch and Play, an indoor playground and cafe where we house our offices and host events like Foster Parents Night Out . Our hope is that every foster parent is encouraged and well supported. This is Skookum's Supporting Programs.

Phase 4: Skookum Export

Skookum began as a solution to care for the children of Whatcom County. But there are over 8,000 foster children and 4,600 foster parents in Washington State that need care too. Our hope is to grow Skookum Kids to export our suite of programs so that we can empower other communities across Washington State to care for their children. This is the Skookum Export.

We need you!

There are many ways to get involved. Please consider partnering with us as either a financial contributor, volunteer, respite provider or foster parent. Problems like the one we're trying to solve are rarely overcome without a large team of generous supporters.


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