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Skookum Kids, Bellair Take 17 Foster Families to Mariners Game


BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON — Skookum Kids announced Wedneday they have partnered with Bellair Charter to bring  foster parents, kids and volunteers to the Mariners game against the Detroit Tigers on Sunday, May 20. Bellair donated one of their 55-passenger coaches and a driver to shuttle the group to and from Seattle.

“Transporting Skookum Kids' foster children, caregivers and volunteers to the exciting We Are Family event brings myself and the team at Bellair Charters great joy,” said Richard Johnson, owner of Bellair Charters. “Skookum Kids’ single big idea that taking great care of people and the mission will take care of itself aligns with everything we believe in. We’re excited to provide a safe, VIP experience for each guest traveling to Seattle for this adventure.”

The We Are Family Day is hosted by the Seattle Mariners and includes discounted tickets for foster, kinship and adoptive families, child welfare workers and their community partners. A pregame event and door prizes will also be provided for families.

"The Mariners event between Skookum and Bellair Charters provides an opportunity for Bellair, myself and the Skookum staff to tangibly show foster families that we are incredibly thankful for all that they do in taking care of vulnerable children,” Ryan Burke, program manager for Skookum Parents, said. “It also provides foster families a chance to connect, to get to know one another and to know that they are not alone in this endeavor."

Skookum Kids was founded in 2014 by Ray Deck III in Bellingham, Washington. This non-profit organization exists to repair the foster care system by eliminating the pain points that cause unnecessary stress for foster parents. It is staffed by eight full-time, six part-time employees and over 130 volunteers. For more information, visit their website at